Why Choose Our Practice?

Somerdale Family Dental Associates is a boutique practice specializing in tailored dental care in a warm and friendly environment. Your experience will include a conversation with Dr. Rebhun or Dr. Trager about your dental needs and desires. They will answer all your questions and fully address your concerns. Utilizing tools such as high resolution digital radiography, oral photography and a thorough clinical exam, the doctors will develop a treatment plan to meet your expectations.

Relationship Building

Doctors Rebhun and Trager carry on the tradition of personalized care that their father, Dr. Braunstein, established in 1954. This is a family practice in every sense of the word, an office where patients become family as well. Doctors Rebhun and Trager nurture the kind of doctor-patient relationships rarely found in today’s dental practices. They look forward to your getting to know them as they get to know you.

Doctors Rebhun and Trager take pride in spending the time they need to provide excellent care, treating the entire mouth to achieve healthy beautiful smiles for their patients.

Brighten Your Smile and Your Life Today!

Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Rebhun and Dr. Trager, practice a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry and offer high quality service and specialize in tailored dental care. Come experience a personalized visit with an individualized treatment plan in our warm friendly environment.
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