Smile Gallery at Somerdale Family Dental NJ

Before and After Photos of Dental Work by Dr Trager and Dr Rebhun

Somerdale Family Dental Patient Smiles

Before (Dark Tooth and Spaces)                       Brand New Smile!
Worn front edges                                      Porcelain Veneers creating the Perfect Smile
Missing and Decayed Teeth                                   Proud New Smile!
Before Zoom Whitening                                    Zoom! Brighter smile in one visit
Crowding, Missing Back Teeth                      Lightening, Posterior Implants and Crowns
Dark upper left tooth with fracture               Beautiful Smile with Lightening and Crown!
Decayed and worn teeth                                     Lifelike Crowns
Worn, uneven Teeth                              Handsome smile
Uneven Smile                                   Enhanced with Crown, Bonding and Lightening
Trauma to teeth                                       Temporary Bonding As Teeth Heal
Spacing Between Teeth                          Natural Bonding
Failing Anterior Bridge                              Lightening individual crowns & Implant Crown